How To Play Slots

While there are of course some variations, the following areas discussed below are generally the same and should give you a fair idea on how to play slots.

To start playing, you need to deposit money into the machine. The right hand corner of the slots screen provides an option on the bill type you want to deposit. If you have made the choice, you can click on the appropriate denomination.

When you have made your selection, you can deposit the bill by clicking the insert bill area. You will notice the movement of the bill into the slot machine. You can now choose the coin denomination you wish to use. Click on the "left arrow" or "right arrow" buttons located at the left side of the machine to increase or decrease the buttons, respectively.

When you have selected the coin denomination, the available number of coins will appear in the Credits field located at the top right portion of the machine. The initial bet starts at 1.

The amount of coins you chose to bet for that spin is displayed in the Bet field. The Balance field will not be altered when you replace the coin denomination because the balance is expressed in dollars.

Once a coin denomination has been selected and the money deposited into the slot machine, you may now click the BET ONE button for as many as three times which represents the maximum bet of three coins. Some machines permits a maximum bet for five coins. The reels can now be spun by clicking on the corresponding button. If you intend to play the maximum number of coins for each spin, you may opt to simply click the corresponding button which automatically starts the reels for you. When the reel stops, your winnings will be determined by a table of possible combinations displayed on the top of each machine. Credits you have won will be shown in the Paid field.

As soon as your next bet is placed, earned credits in the Paid field will be added to your Credits with the exclusion of the bet amount in the Bet field. To convert your credits into standard chips, click the CASH OUT button. To replace the slot type you are using, click on the slot machine in the menu bar you wish to use. The credits and coin denominations will not be altered when you replace the type of machine.

When the new machine does not have the particular denomination you were playing, then the credit does not change but the denomination will change. Moving from a higher denomination to a lower denomination returns any remaining coins into the BALANCE field.